Monday, January 21, 2013

How Bad Do You Want It?

Hi friends!  
It's been awhile since I checked in with you.   
I have to admit, staying away from this blog, sailing along with the same "insanity", hasn't done much for me!  Or for my waistline!
You have all heard that saying, right?  

That is what I've been doing: more of the same in my health and especially my eating habits!  

This week's games in the NFL (I am a football fanatic, btw!) makes me think.  What exactly is it that brings a team to "championship" status?  Are the champion teams really any better than all the other teams?  Looking across the board, and comparing statistics of all the teams, you will find that each team has many "championship" aspects, or players.  Of course personally, being a die-hard fan, think the Broncos should have been where the Ravens are right now: fighting it out for the championship status of the AFC.  But, what we saw in the last few minutes of the Broncos/Ravens game last week just proved that the Ravens WANTED the win more!  Right now, as I write this, Ravens and Patriots are going to show us which team WANTS that championship trophy more!  Both teams, at this level are pretty evenly matched in skill and ability, so the decisive factor must be the DESIRE. 

“The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. "
Here's the point of getting REAL with myself and you, my readers!  Just how much do I WANT the changes I write about, dream about, hope to see.  How decided am I that I will do what it takes: whatever it takes to MAKE my desired dreams a reality?  

Here's my bottom line, or rather top, I hope!  Two weeks ago I had my first "weigh in" of the new year.  It had been over 6 months since I checked in on the scale.  Back in May, when I was first tried Weight Loss Formula, I weighed in at 220 pounds.  In the month of June, while taking Weight Loss Formula, I lost 5 pounds, without dieting or changing any other thing about my habits or eating.  Then I just stopped taking the supplements regularly.  Because I did not develop a good habit then, and I continued to do what I had always done.  Eating what I wanted, and saying I didn't understand why so many of my customers seemed to be so "obsessive" about their program or their weight.  Of course, for me, I just put all the "truths" I was learning about how to be better, or healthier, or address my own weight on the back burner of my personal mind.  I would deal with that later, right?  I'm happy with who I am, and my size, right? 
I am not sure why, but my personal care habits have been lacking my entire life.  Taking pills, or remembering regular supplement or vitamins, is something I just haven't done.  Among all the other things about daily routines that some people just do without thinking about it,  I just don't, and haven't built good routines around these things.  I have worked hard, raising kids and caring for them.  I try to meet all my obligations, which as a single mom, are pretty hefty.  While this is not an excuse, it's just a fact of my life.  And also not making an excuse, but I didn't have good examples during my upbringing to help me establish these habits either. 

So, all my adult life, I have been challenged to do simple things with regular routines or rebuild good habits to replace bad.  Some things like remembering to shower regularly, wash my hair, do laundry on a regular schedule, wash dishes daily, wash my face and brush my teeth, take pills or medication regularly, eat at proper or appropriate intervals every day and sleep regular hours.  All these things have been especially challenging to me, in my adult life.   While many see me as fairly "high functioning", and perceive me to have it all together, as it were, but underneath that I know the areas where I neglect myself or my household.  

For years I have read FlyLady principles, even printing out the "control journal" from her website.  I put the papers in a notebook, then put it on my shelf to gather dust and never referred back to it!  I  read her website, and signed up for her daily emails.  I do like the concept of a shiny sink and getting "control" of my laundry, but making that a reality in my home is still a challenge.   I have read several books on home organization, and home management.  So now, you know I have all this great information, but one thing is missing!  This, along with better diet and regular exercise is another area where I get to decide: just how much do you WANT to be well? 

"Your life does not get 
better by chance,  
It gets better by CHANGE!" 
-- Jim Rohn
Will I change?  How will I accomplish change?  What helps me keep track of my change and know that I am successful? 
Here is where I get to report my accomplishments, or "learning experiences", because I don't want to say "fail".  When we have the mentality that we "always" fail, or "never" succeed, or "can't" finish what we start, I believe we are making a habit of self defeating mindsets and speech.  This is something to avoid.  Rather than saying I "failed" today to meet my own expectations or desire, we can say, tomorrow I have another FRESH start, and an opportunity to succeed!  We can move forward with the lessons we learned about that experience, or what we now KNOW more about ourselves instead of beating ourselves up!  
Can I get REAL with you?  
Here's the facts of the first 20 days of January, when it comes to me and meeting my "resolutions":
1 I have remembered to wash my face and use moisturizer every night since New Years, except one day. 
2)  I have remembered to take all my supplements every weekday, and most of the doses on weekend days, since New Years.  This consists of:
  •  3 doses of Weight Loss Formula, one capsule 30 mins before each meal.  
  •  4 total capsules of Omega 3-Tg Fish Oil daily: 2 in AM and 2 in the PM.
  •  2 Capsules of Probiotic Formula before evening meals daily.
Some days, I take the supplements with my meals, but this is the way I help myself to remember to do it.
 3)  Last weekend we hosted a meeting at our home and spent the day Saturday cleaning up.  I got the kitchen well clean and since Sunday last, we have kept up with that, going to bed every single night with a clean kitchen and all the dishes washed.
 4)  I have remembered to drink more water and less of other, more fattening drinks.  I've had only about 4 ounces of soda since the New Year.
 5)  I am becoming more aware of my habits, and what I'm eating every day.
 6) I have updated this blog "fairly" regularly and am sharing through this journal my journey.
 7)  I have met my goal of finishing my work evaluations and quizzes and hopefully soon, I will be getting a raise.  
1) For my first weigh in of the new year, two weeks ago, 
 I weighed 229 pounds.   
Today, my weight was 230 pounds, my highest weight ever. 
I want to say that this is the highest 
weight I will ever be!  
2) I still find myself challenged to change my habits around what I eat.  I love flour, sugar, pasta, sweets, baked goods, whole milk, whole milk products: many things that I know contribute to my weight.  Making the decision to abstain from these foods, or make healthier choices is still something I've yet to master.
3) Shopping is a challenge for me too, in deciding what to buy and cook for myself and my family.  
This is something I have never spent a lot of time thinking about.  I have usually just bought what I want or like.  Now, armed with more knowledge, I have to decide to buy what is good for me instead. 
4)  I am also not doing well in eating regular meals and at regular times, especially on weekendsAnd I have not done well with eating breakfast: the most important meal of the day.

5) I am still challenged in making regular routines around my laundry, personal care and cleaning.  This is a process and I'm taking baby steps.
6) While I have discussed it with a few folks, I have not made any MOVEMENT towards any type of exercise, or creating a routine, or prioritizing my time to do it.  
So, my friends, there you have it!  
These are the things I want to do to realize the dream of a healthier me!  And, I am taking those "baby steps" towards this destination.  

I hope you'll stick with me, as I take this journey.  I also hope you will share with me in comments about your accomplishments or challenges too!  I wrote earlier about the importance of accountability and having someone to help you in this area. 

My goal is to lose 50 pounds this year!  What do you think?  Will I make it happen?  Just one day at a time, one decision at a time, one step at a time, I'll make it. Even if I don't reach my goal weight, I trust that the changes I make will be felt and appreciated!  
 I declare that I am doing this all for very selfish reasons!  Just for ME and I so deserve it!

Always end the day with a 
positive thought.
No matter how hard things were, 
tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make things better.